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W. Paul Kiel
Background - Technologies - Training

Described as "a geek who can communicate", I combine solid skills with a proven ability to convey technical information to CEOs, business analysts, and techies alike.

< Background />

xmlHelpline.com Consulting, (2001-03 to Present)

  • Architect and develop data integration solutions
  • Create enterprise-wide canonical data models
  • Program in object oriented languages
  • Leverage standard data models such as HR-XML and OAGIS (Open Applications Group)
  • Train developers and analysts in technical design best practices, especially with Xml Schema and data modeling
  • Develop Xslt adapters and translation layers for data integration
  • Publish best practice articles:

Content Architect
LexisNexis, (2009-11 to Present)

  • Lead LexisNexis International data conversion team
    • Coordinate the conversion of millions of Rosetta xml format data files to the next generation Lexis Advance platform
    • Work with international teams in locations such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, and India
    • Coordinate with functional teams including Conversion Engineering, Presentation/Stylesheets, project tech leads, and project
    • managers
    • Manage Xml Schema data model development
    • Develop quality control metrics for schemas, DITA documents, and design changes
    • Supervise team productivity and skill development
  • Lead MNCR data conversion team (Media Neutral Content Repository)
    • Coordinate conversion of legacy data to new mastering format
    • Integrate functional teams into workflow
    • Manage Xml Schema data model development
  • Architectural management
    • Develop canonical data models
    • Manage data conversion projects
    • Document and implement Xml best practices
    • Create data management standards and practices
    • Train analysts in Xml technologies
    • Utilize technology in data quality control (e.g. schematron, xquery)

Chief Architect
HR-XML Consortium Inc, (2001-03 to 2006-08)

  • Supervise, coordinate, and manage the design of the technical architecture underlying all international Consortium standards
  • Program necessary tools and software for distributed work group needs, including metadata management, document repository and automated documentation tools
  • Implement web services validation testbed
  • Lead technical analysis for HR-XML Certification program
  • Train classes in Xml Schema design techniques, best practices, and other Xml technologies such as web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Lecture nationally and internationally on Xml Schema design best practices and related technologies
  • Participate as representative to the Web Services - Interoperability Consortium
  • Author and edit documentation for technical specifications
  • Provide technical support for Consortium's hosted servers

XML Director
Sertus Software, (1999-08 to 2001-03)

  • Designed Xml DTDs and Schemas incorporated into software products
  • Created media industry data models
  • Published documentation and programmed user tools to facilitate adoption of the standards
  • Organized a proposed media Xml Consortium to coordinate standardization of data structures within the the industry
  • Provided technical advice on implementation of Xml related standards such as SOAP and Xml signatures
  • Trained and educated staff on xml and related technologies
  • Co-founded TriXML, an Xml interest group in the Research Triangle (NC)

Interim Department Head
Special Collections Department
North Carolina State University Libraries, (1998-08 to 1999-07)

  • Lead the department in furthering acquisition, processing and providing access to digital collections
  • Partnered with Duke University on a state-wide Xml grant proposal
  • Expanded Xml initiatives, resulting in the publishing of on-line documentation
  • Created formal digital collections in association with the Digital Library Initiatives Department
  • Member of Electronic Archives Team - examining long term deep storage methodologies
  • Supervised permanent and temporary staff
  • Managed departmental budget lines

Technical Services, Special Collections Department
North Carolina State University Libraries
, (1996-06 to 1999-07)

  • Examined, recommended, and implemented SGML documentation project
  • Designed and implemented an integrated electronic bibliographic data workflow project utilizing USMARC data format, SGML DTDs, and text-based formats
  • Implemented EAD (Encoded Archival Description) data conversion program
  • Worked with TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) metadata standard
  • Worked on national Xml conversion resource clearinghouse
  • Webmaster for Special Collections Department
  • Member of the Web Innovation Team, 1998-99
  • Webmaster for Society of North Carolina Archivists

< Technologies />

Altova's XMLSpy
Core Component Technical Specification
Xml Schema
Stylus Studio
Xml Encryption
Xml Signatures
Various programming languages
    (i.e. Java, perl, C#, Ruby)

< TrainingClasses />

Xml related technology training sessions conducted:

  • Xml Schema design and best practices
  • OAGIS two-day training course
  • WSDL design and best practices
  • Xml Schema extension methodologies
  • Xml for non-developers
  • Practical use of Xslt