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In the category of "my other passion" ...

The Definitive "That Metal Show - TMS Top 5" (episode # 1107) - Facial Hair (guest Marilyn Manson)

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Final List
1 Dimebag Dimebag
2 Kerry King Kerry King
3 Tony Iommi GG Allin
4 Lemmy Freddie Mercury
5 Zakk Wylde Johnny Depp
6 Johnny Depp

Eddie Trunk
Don Jamieson
Jim Florentine
1 Tony Iommi Lemmy Zakk Wylde
2 Lemmy Vinnie Paul Lemmy
3 Scott Ian Kirk Windstein Kerry King
4 Zakk Wylde Johann Hegg Scott Ian
5 Kerry King Chris Kael Johann Hegg